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With your support, performances, events, and memories come to life at The Mendel Center.

You’ve likely heard us say that ticket sales can’t do it all. There has always been a need for generous supporters to bring our community together and enrich the lives of people of every age and walk of life through the work of The Mendel Center.

Specifically, your gift helps:

Improve the region’s quality of life
More than 40,000 people attend events each year at The Mendel Center. Ready access to culturally enriching events and activities helps businesses attract a highly skilled workforce, aids in attracting employers to our area, and provides leisure activities for residents of all ages.

Strengthen community bonds
The Mendel Center is home to events presented by community organizations that bring people together. Among them are the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Lest We Forget, Blossomtime, Southshore Concert Band, and more!

Inspire the next generation
For many local young people, their first experience with the wonders of live theater and events is at The Mendel Center. It’s this first-hand connection that can inspire creative thinking, problem solving, and teamwork.

Promote a global perspective
The Mendel Center brings world-renowned speakers, experts, and performing artists from across the country and around the world to southwest Michigan, providing our community with a worldview of ideas and cultures.

Support tourism & economic vitality
Nearly 20% of in-person event attendance at The Mendel Center comes from outside Berrien County, supporting the local tourism industry, and introducing thousands of people to the all that our corner of Michigan offers. It also provides area residents with options that keep dollars in our community.

We hope you will consider a gift to support Mendel Center programming through the General Operating Fund, Premiere Partners, or Arts Factor – all of which allow us to continue providing opportunities for our community to enjoy personally enriching activities.


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Ways to Give

Lake Michigan College Foundation

2755 E. Napier Avenue

Benton Harbor, MI 49022

For more information or to discuss contribution options, please contact Mike Nadolski at or 269-927-8109.


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Thank you to the following individuals who have already made the decision to support The Mendel Center:

Marv Abbott
Carol & Spike Abernethy
In memory of Jennie & Norman Alperin
Susan Anderson
J.C. Anderson
Karl & Joyce Andrews
Ron Arturi
Dr. Alice Bacak, O.D.
Susan Balmes, in honor of Roland Bowman
Joe & Bonny Barrett
Earl & Claudette Becher
Larry & Linda Becker
Celina Bevelhymer
Cindy Birk
Cynthia Brown
Robert Burch
Rosanne & Rick Burden
Larry & Vicki Burghdoff
Norman & Sheryl Burns
Nancy Calme
Eileen Carlson
Michael & LeeAnne Carlson
Tom & Heather Catania
Dyann Chenault
Richard & Beth Chubb
Doris Claudon
Adrian Collins
Barbara & Martin Craig
Clara Dansfield
DeGroot Inc.
Doubleday Office Products
Elaine Edgecomb
Melissa & Dan Emery
Arnold & Arlene Feinberg
Glen & Cathy Feirick
Larry & Sandy Feldman
Eleanore Flowers
Elaine Fluck
Mary Ann Forsythe
Judith Fowler
Julian & Rhona Frazin
Carla Frischkorn
Kim Jorgensen Gane
Mary Good
Georgiana Gormley
Dr. & Mrs. Ed Guyer
Paul Gray
Alexander Halbleib
Theresa Harrison
Mike & Henrietta Hall
Kathryn Hayes
Deanna Heminger
Bailey Hermann
Michael Hoge
Margie Hojara-Hadsell
Dan Hopp
Joyce & Joe Howell
William & Greta Hurst
Doug Jaques
Jennifer Jacobs
Rolfe Jenkins
Charles Jespersen
Jackie Kamerer
Grace Kelmer
Rich and MaryAnn Kelmer
Bill & Barb Klein
Dan Kmitta
Laura Kraklau
Trevor & Kim Kubatzke
Rom & Norita Lachica
Eric & Audrey Lester
Cindy Leichliter - in honor of Selina McGovern
Dr. Michael & Deborah Lindley
Peter & Kathleen Loveland
Patrick M. Lynch
Kathy Manning
Ann Marie Marlow
Bill & Jane Marohn
Dennis & Kathryn McCarthy
Scott & Beth McFarland
Charles McKelvy, clarinet
Robert & Bonnie McMillen
Linda McPherson & Terry Wainright 
Betty Meyerink
Mike & Sarah Nadolski
Leslie Navarro
Jim Neuman
Bob & Kelly Nightingale
Steve & Patty Nordberg
Michael & Joann Nordin
Fallon Nyce
Deb and Mike O'Connor
Mark Odland
Jen & Marvell O'Flynn
Candace & Richard Onweller, in memory of Roger Hathaway
Jo Ann Parrish
Barbara Pence
Dr. John Porritt
Kimberly Powell
Quality Mold & Engineering
Dr. R. Rademacher, O.D.
Barbara Radewald
Joelle Regovich
Dale & Cindy Reuss
Robert & Fran Rodstrom, in honor of Grace Kelmer
Sam Roy, in memory of Dave Holt
David & Clare Rutlin
Deanne Rymarowicz, in honor of Ann Marie Marlow
Keith Rydecki
Camille Sandel
Doug & Peggy Schaffer
David & Cathy Shaffer
Jenny & Larry Schanker
Dr. Serge Schillio
Karen & Jerry Schlaack
Micki Schmidt
Gordon Schreiber
Silver Beach Pizza
Silver Harbor Brewing
Carol Sizer
Jim & Joan Smith
Eric & Deborah Standen
Linda Steinke
Jan Street
Tom Street
Linda Stright
Maureen Stritch
Eileen Suva
Lenore Taylor
Judith Thompson
Boyd & Linda Timm
Daniel Tom & MaryJo Morey
Mary Jo Tomasini & Fred Malawski
Alex & Sara Vanderveen
Jan Versaw
Dana L. Wales, Wales & Associates
Sandra Warren
Gene Weil
Amy & Leonard White
Marcia Wiinamaki
Marcia Wineberg
Ned & Diane Wollenslegel
Jonathon R. & Dr. Katie M. Woodhams
Ross & Debbie Woodhams
Larry Wozniak
Mamie Yarbrough 
Christiana Zilke


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