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5 reasons to say “no” to third-party ticket resellers

5 reasons to say “no” to third-party ticket resellers

It’s not news that reselling event tickets has become big business in the U.S. Unfortunately, this can put you, the consumer, at risk. Here are five reasons why you should always buy Lake Michigan College Mendel Center season tickets directly from the Mendel Center.

  1. Avoid paying too much
    Third-party resellers purchase tickets at face value and resell them to consumers at inflated prices. We have seen instances where resellers have listed tickets for three or four times face value while tickets for the same event were still available directly through the Mendel Center – at face value!
  1. Guarantee the authenticity of your tickets
    When you purchase tickets from third-party sellers, you run the risk of receiving fraudulent or invalid tickets. The only tickets we will guarantee as authentic are tickets we have sold directly to you.
  1. Easy refunds if a show is canceled
    If an event is postponed or canceled, the Mendel Center can provide a credit or refund only to the person who originally made the purchase. If you buy from a third party, it is your responsibility to get your money back from whoever sold the tickets to you.
  1. Be in the know
    When you purchase tickets from the Mendel Center, we provide you with communications about any last-minute event changes including delays, postponements, and cancellations. We also provide day-of-show information when we have a valid, permission-enabled email address on file for you. When you purchase from a third-party reseller, you can miss out on important information.
  1. Get credit where credit is due
    Only tickets purchased through the Mendel Center count toward the number of events needed to qualify for series ticket package discounts. When you purchase three or more season events, you receive a discount of 10%. Tickets purchased through third parties do not count toward this loyalty discount.

Common ways third-party resellers attempt to trick you into thinking you are buying tickets from us:

As part of our ongoing effort to reduce third-party ticket sales to Mendel Center events, e-tickets will be sent to you 48 hours before the event. In addition to receiving tickets via email, you may choose to pick them up at Will Call with a valid ID on the day of the event.

If you ever have questions or concerns about purchasing tickets, please contact us at 269-927-8700, option 1, or email us at

Posted July 07, 2023

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