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Video Gallery

The Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan Speaker Series

4/22/2021 The Pandemic Economy and Beyond with Dr. Paul Isely

Panel discussion with Rob Cleveland & Jim Hettinger



2/25/2021 Social Justice Advocacy - Moving from Words to Results

Presentations and panel discussion featuring Danny Jennings, Charmae Sanders, and MaryJo Schnell


12/17/2020 Mental Health "Pandemic" - The Crisis Within the Crisis

Dr. Bernice Patterson, founder and CEO of Infinity Consultation Group, and Tasha Turner, Licensed Professional Counselor, Consultant, and Community Educator


10/29/2020 Creative Expression: Why the Arts Mater in Times of Crisis with Donna Walker-Kuhne

Panel Discussion with Traci Burton, Lisa Cripps-Downey, Tasha Turner-Freeman, & Mamie Yarbrough



The Mendel Center Presents: Drive-in Live! Concert Series on WNIT

9/19/2020 Resurrection Blues Band


8/9/2020 Mike Struwin


8/22/2020 Bryan Lubeck


8/9/2020 The Andrew Fisher Quartet



Mendel Center Connections

1/19/2021 Ep. 38 - Interview with Robert Ross, The Boulevard Inn & Bistro


1/11/2021 Ep. 37 - MLK Celebration Week



11/20/2020 Ep. 36 - Creating Bridges: The Mendel Center Challenge Campaign


11/9/2020 Ep. 35 - Interview with Larry Wozniak and Lee Scherwitz, President and Vice President of Lest We Forget


11/2/2020 Ep. 34 - Interview with Dr. Tiffany Bohm, LMC Political Science Instructor


10/13/2020 Ep. 33 - Interview with Sharon & Mack Brown, African America History & Literature Gallery


10/3/2020 Ep. 32 - Interview with Brady Cohen, General Manager of the Inn at Harbor Shores



9/28/2020 Ep. 31 - Interview with Kristin Wier of the Logan Autism Learning Center


9/19/2020 Ep. 30 - Interviews with Alex & Erin, John Latin, and Mike Talbot


9/14/2020 Ep. 29 - Interviews with The Big Payback, Sankofa, and Siusan O'Rourke & Zig Zeitler


9/6/2020 Ep. 28 - Interview with Robyn Fedor and Lynn Schlender of Paws for Hope


9/1/2020 Ep. 27 - Interview with Zack East, VP of Engagement & Experience at Mid-West Family


8/31/2020 Ep. 26 - Interview with Michael Moyer Director, Wine & Viticulture Technology at Lake Michigan College 


8/24/2020 Ep. 25 - Interview with Xavier Verna, President, Michigan Non-profit Presenters Network


8/14/2020 Ep. 24 - Interviews with Bryan Lubeck, The Sypian Family Band, and Dan Maxon


8/10/2020 Ep. 23 - Interview with Mark Sumney, Micro Weddings at The Mendel Center



8/4/2020 Ep. 22 - Interviews with Andrew Fisher, Jenna Mammina, and Doc Revolver


7/27/2020 Ep. 21 - Drive-in Live! Concert Series with Mike Nadolski and Grace Kelmer


7/20/2020 Ep. 20 - Interview with Ebon Sanders, Executive Director, First Tee of Benton Harbor


7/8/2020 Ep. 19 - Interview with Lisa Cripps-Downey,  President of Berrien Community Foundation


6/29/2020 Ep. 18 - Interview with Dr. Trevor Kubatzke, President of Lake Michigan College


6/22/2020 Ep. 17 - Interview with Larry and Sandy Feldman


6/14/2020 Ep. 16 - Interview with Anna Murphey, President & CEO of United Way of SW Michigan



6/19/2020 Ep. 15 - Interview with Kat Boyer, Director of the Benton Harbor Public Library


6/1/2020 Ep.14 - Interview with Arthur Havlicek, President, SW Michigan Regional Chamber


5/29/2020 Ep. 13 - Interview with Lynn Kellogg, CEO of Region Iv Area Agency on Aging


5/21/2020 Ep. 12 - Interview with Dale Reuss, Director, Southshore Concert Band


5/14/2020 Ep. 11 - Interview with Paul Mow, LMC Theatre Coordinator & GhostLight Theatre Artistic Director



5/18/2020 Ep. 10 - Interview with Millicent Huminsky,  Executive Director, Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council


5/11/2020 Ep. 9 - Interview with Chad Dee, Director, Hanson Technology Center


5/7/2020 Ep. 8 - Interview with Anna Abdelnour, President, Blossomtime, Inc.


5/4/2020 Ep. 7 - Interview with Kristopher Zook, LMC Visual & Performing Arts Faculty Member


5/4/2020 Ep. 6 - Interview with Amy Zapal, Executive Director of St. Joseph Today


4/27/2020 Ep. 5 - Interview with Julia Gourley, Executive Director of Krasl Art Center


4/23/2020 Ep. 4 - Interview with Lari Lawrence-Gist, Director of Dance, Citadel Dance & Music Center


4/20/2020 Ep. 3 - Interview with Jamie-Sue Seal, Smokin' Sleddog Records


4/20/2020 Ep. 2 - Interview with Adrienne Glisson, Executive Director, Children's Music Workshop


4/20/2020 Ep. 1 - Introduction to Mendel Center Connections


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